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Monthly Price

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Email and webhook subscribers




Team Members

Share the fun with the whole team





Pretty charts fed by your existing data sources (Librato, New Relic, Pingdom or custom)




Status Automation

Link monitoring tools to automatically toggle the status

Basic Notifications

Send notifications via email and webhook

Twitter Broadcast

Post status updates to Twitter

RSS Feed

Publish incidents and maintenances to an RSS feed

External Service Monitoring

Display the health of external services on your status page

Stats Widget

Show stats based on status activity

Location Map

Display the status of geographic locations

Calendar Feed

Publish all incidents and maintenances to iCalendar


Broadcast notifications to IRC, HipChat and Slack

SMS Notifications

Send text messages to devices worldwide using your Twilio account

Custom Email Sending Domain

Send email notifications from your custom domain


Dedicated TLS / SSL certificate for your custom domain

White-label Branding

Toggle branding link "Powered by Status.io"

Custom CSS

Customize styling with CSS

Custom HTML

Inject your own HTML code

Custom JavaScript

Inject your own JavaScript code

Custom TLS / SSL Certificate

Encrypted connections using customer-provided certificate

IP Access Control

Limit status page visibility to predefined IP addresses

Extra Status Page for Testing

Additional status page for testing and development

Subscriber Compliance Tools

Customizable disclaimers and advanced logging for notification subscribers

Custom Billing

Optionally pay via PO invoicing (annual plans only)


Need more? Contact us about Enterprise plans starting at $1,599 per month

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All plans include

  • One Public Status Page
  • Custom Domain
  • Secure TLS / SSL Subdomain
  • SSO / Two-factor Authentication
  • Customizable Design
  • Incident and Maintenance Templates
  • Granular Subscriptions
  • Custom Email Notification Templates
  • Developer API
  • Public Status API
  • History Search and Filtering
  • Super Friendly Support

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