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Fully customizable with incident tracking, subscriber notifications, and much more

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A platform designed for transparency

Keep your users in the loop during outages and maintenances

High Availability

The systems powering span across multiple regions and providers.

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Match your brand using simple design tools.

Or go all out and bring your own code.

Multitenancy Friendly

Full support for complex distributed systems and multi-tenant infrastructure.


Email, SMS, Webhooks, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Twitter and more.

Customer Driven Development

We're always building and shipping. Expect constant improvements.

Developers Welcomed

Every status page comes with a unique API method for API consumers to retrieve the current status.


Librato, Nagios, New Relic, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pingdom, Site24x7, Slack, StatusCake, UptimeRobot and more.

Some of our best features

Powerful Status Pages

Provide the ultimate source-of-truth for your system's current status.

Keep your users in the loop during outages and planned maintenance.

Customizable to match your brand.

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Incidents are the best way to track an issue such as a service disruption. Updates trigger notifications and the appropriate components automatically reflect the current status.

Schedule maintenance activity in advance. Reminder notifications are sent to subscribers prior to the maintenance start time.

Past events are viewable on the status history page.

Keep everyone in the loop during events. Send unlimited notifications. You're only limited by number of subscribers.

Deliver notifications via Email, SMS, Webhook, RSS, iCalendar, IRC, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Twitter.

Metrics power the live charts on your status page.

Pipe in your data via our Custom Metric API or connect external data sources such as Librato, New Relic and Pingdom.

Match your brand with our design tools. Re-position page sections, upload graphics, change the color scheme and more.

Or go all out and inject your own custom HTML and CSS.

Robots want to know your current status too. Provide your API consumers with a simple GET method that always returns the current status.
Limit status page visibility to authenticated users with single sign-on (SSO) using OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML Identity Providers including OneLogin, Auth0, Okta, Azure and Google.

Optionally use IP Access Control to limit visibility to predefined IP addresses.

Hosted external from your infrastructure

Your status page must always be available. That's why we use infrastructure spanning across multiple regions and providers.

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Upgrade or downgrade anytime. Annual discounts available.

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All plans include

  • One Public Status Page
  • Custom Domain
  • Secure TLS / SSL Subdomain
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Customizable Design
  • Incident and Maintenance Templates
  • Component Subscriptions
  • Automated Planned Maintenance
  • Developer API
  • Public Status API
  • IPv6
  • Super Friendly Support

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