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A platform designed for transparency

Keep your users in the loop during outages and maintenances

Hosted redundantly offsite

We take much pride in our infrastructure. The systems powering span across multiple regions and providers.

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Built with modern technologies

To ensure compatibility for all desktop and mobile platforms.

Multitenancy friendly

Full support for distributed systems and multitenant infrastructure.

Status API

Allow developers to query your current status.

Rapid updates

We're always building and shipping.


Choose a pre-made theme or customize every color and upload your graphics to match your brand.


Baked in support for New Relic, Pingdom and other popular tools. Many more coming soon!

Hosted external from your infrastructure

Your status page must always be available . That's why we use infrastructure spanning across multiple regions and providers .

Our platform resides on Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean.

We're not bound to any provider-specific technologies. We designed our systems to be deployable on almost any infrastructure.

Some of our best features

Simple Status Pages

Provide the ultimate truth-of-source for your system's current status. Keep users in the loop during outages, degraded performance, security breaches, planned maintenances and other events. Customizable to match your brand. Use our pre-made themes or design your own with the web-based designer. Mobile friendly. Responsive. Clean design.

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Keep everyone in the loop when your system status changes. Send automatic notifications via email, webhooks, RSS, IRC and Twitter.
Connect your New Relic or Pingdom data sources to power live charts on your status page. Multiple accounts are supported.
Use containers and components to create an accurate overview of your distributed systems. Link containers to data centers or physical locations. Represent each critical piece of your system with components.
Robots want to know your current status too. Provide your API consumers with a simple GET method that always returns the current status.
Our goal is to build the most integrated status pages on the internet. We believe your external tools and services should work seamlessly.

New Relic, Pingdom and Twitter integrations are already baked in. And many more on the way!

Responsive status pages

Standards compliant and built with modern web technologies


  • Mobile devices
  • Modern browsers

Launch your status page before your next outage!

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Unlimited Traffic

Our platform scales automatically to handle the traffic spikes

Incidents & Outages

Create unlimited incidents to track production issues and events

Planned Maintenances

Schedule unlimited maintenance activities

Multitenancy Friendly

Components can reside in multiple locations or data centers by using containers


Connect your New Relic and Pingdom accounts

External Service Monitoring

Display the status of external services such as Stripe, CloudFlare and GitHub.

Check out the APIs we monitor at

Status API

A unique API method for your API consumers to view your current status


Integrate directly into your tools

Multi-factor Authentication

Connect your YubiKey for two-factor authentication

Custom HTML

Inject custom header and footer code


100% uptime service level agreement

Design Concierge

Help with your status page design and advanced customization


Automatically send notifications via email, webhook, RSS, IRC and Twitter





Pretty charts that plug into your existing data sources (New Relic and Pingdom)




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